the ticket to a superb day isn’t caffeine…

…or energy shots, or other stimulants. you’re better off doing what your body is naturally wired to do: use sleep to reenergize.

unfortunately, life often gets in the way. whether it’s stressing over a presentation, laying next to a snorer, using a lumpy hotel pillow, being over-caffeinated, dealing with jet lag, working the night shift, or just being a light sleeper, there is too often something preventing you from getting quality shut eye.

we wholeheartedly understand.

sleepyhead is formulated to help you fall asleep pronto. we’re not an intense prescription pill or pain killer that will leave you groggy in the morning. we’re refreshing, rejuvenating, ice cold (or piping hot), toffee/caramely goodness… and we’re at your fingertips.

"Sometimes it takes me hours to fall asleep. I like to keep sleepyhead in the fridge in case I feel one of those nights coming on."
Josh S., 36
"I bought it for my wife because sometimes I snore too loud. Now she can sleep right through my snoring"
Bill H., 41