So you’ve reached the point in your day when it is finally time to power down the batteries, start to relax, and ultimately get some sleep. And that’s great! Not only is sleep incredibly important as it relates to your health, but it creates the mental break for you to get ready to tackle another day.

Here is the problem though (and maybe you can relate), we don’t always put ourselves in the best position to get the quality sleep that we need.

Many of us walk into a messy room, knock off whatever has accumulated on the bed over the day, turn on the TV, and lay on our old worn out mattress. We think it is comfortable enough so we don’t bother to invest in a new one. The other distractions created by the mess, lights from alarm clocks and TV are too common to even notice anymore, and the pillow you use is probably good enough to get the job done.

Without getting too far into it, that isn’t the way to get quality sleep. This is though:
Create a cave. Yes, a cave. No light, sound, or distractions allowed. TV’s: out. Black out blinds: In. You need to create an atmosphere void of elements that keep your brain active. The lack of light will help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that helps with the onset of sleep. A lack of sound will put your mind at ease.

Get a good mattress. By the time you’re 75 years old you will have spent about 25 years lying in your bed. That’s a long time! Get a mattress that firmly supports you (and your partner if needed). There are many options out there. Find one in your price range and don’t scrimp. Too much of your life is derived from the amount and quality of the sleep that you get.

Get a quality pillow. Don’t just grab the pillow that feels softest, or that’s on sale. Get one that can support your head and neck, while at the same time provide the level of comfort you need. If you sleep on your side, get a firm pillow. If you sleep on your back, get a moderately firm pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, get a soft pillow.

For both the mattress and pillow you have many quality options. One company doing some amazing things in this space is Technogel Sleeping. They have created a revolutionary line of high end mattresses and pillows designed to meet your sleeping needs.

Whatever the case, put yourself in the best position to get the quality sleep that your body needs. If you’re not in your bed, you’re out somewhere feeling the direct of the time you spent there