Keep a Journal

This is a very basic, yet extremely effective way of helping your brain relax into a great night of sleep. If your mind races at night with the activities of the day and those of the following one… release it into a journal. Writing everything down is a great way of freeing it from your mind and clearing your head for a great night of sleep.


Avoid Snacking Before Bed.

This may elevate your blood sugar levels and prevent you from falling asleep. It also may cause a sleep disturbance as your blood sugar levels drop back down to normal. Aside from that, you’re also sending your body into “work mode” when it should be in a “relaxing and getting ready to sleep” mode.


White Noise

Sometimes while lying awake at night a person’s body will become more sensitive to random noises such as cars driving by, creaks in the floor, etc.. Introducing white noise such as a relaxing CD can give your senses something calming to focus on… as opposed to external jarring, surprising sounds.


Hot Shower 

Raising your body temperature in the evening means that it will eventually fall back to normal sometime shortly after… thus putting your body in a comfortable setting to fall asleep.


Avoid TV

We know this can sometimes be really hard to avoid before going to sleep… but it can mean the difference between lying awake for hours, and going to sleep! The TV is very stimulating to the brain (not to mention to your body if you’re watching a heart-pumping action movie). Watching TV at night keeps your mind active and alert when it should be shutting down and getting ready to sleep. Furthermore, the light from the TV can inhibit your pineal gland from secreting the correct amount of melatonin which helps you fall asleep.


Go Pee

Go to the bathroom before you lay down. If you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night… do your best to go before you lay down to sleep.
Put your alarm clock out of arm’s reach and remove any other clocks from sight. The only thing worse than lying awake at night is having a clock starring you in the face documenting the tragedy unfold. This adds worry and stress to the situation which only prevents you from relaxing and falling asleep.