Welcome to the sleepyhead Brand Ambassador Program!  By participating, you will receive 20% of the revenue derived from each redemption of your unique referral code, provided by us once you sign up!

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The Sleepyhead Brand Ambassador Program ("Program") allows Program participants ("Participants") to receive referral fees ("Fees") in exchange for promoting Sleepyhead products. The Program will begin upon Participant's registration with Sleepyhead and agreeing to these terms. While the Program is active, Participant may refer potential customers to www.drinksleepyhead.com along with a Participant-specific coupon code provided to Participant by Bayswater Beverages, LLC ("BB"). Participant will earn as a Fee twenty percent (20%) of sales conducted through www.drinksleepyhead.com by customers who purchase products using the coupon code BB provides. Participant will not earn Fees from: (i) purchases of products by Participant itself; (ii) more than one (1) order per household; (iii) purchases made using incorrect coupon codes; or (iv) purchases made outside of www.drinksleepyhead.com. At the end of each month, or shortly thereafter, in which Participant earns Fees, BB will send those Fees to Participant via PayPal or check as Participant elects. Participant will bear any cost associated with receiving Fees via PayPal. The Program may be terminated at any time by BB without prior notice. Upon Program termination, BB will remit any remaining Fees owed to Participant. Participant's description and promotion of Sleepyhead products must be consistent with the information contained on www.drinksleepyhead.com. BB will at all times retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in its Sleepyhead products, packaging, and branding. Any use of Sleepyhead branding and/or logos by Participant: (i) may only occur while the Program is active; and (ii) must be pre-approved by BB. Participant's use of any Sleepyhead branding and/or logos and all attendant goodwill thereto will inure exclusively to the benefit of BB. Nothing in these terms is intended, and will not be construed, to render BB and Participant partners, joint venturers, employer/employee, or co-owners. BB and Participant will each be responsible for its own timely reporting and/or payment of all federal, state, and local taxes applicable to any Fees which Participant receives from BB. Participant will indemnify and hold harmless BB from and against any and all third-party claims against BB arising from Participant's violation of any of these terms. Any dispute arising out of the Program will be subject to Illinois law and will be resolved in the courts of Cook County, Illinois.
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