What is sleepyhead™?

sleepyhead™ is a nutritional supplement designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep sounder, and wake up refreshed.


Who should take sleepyhead™?

sleepyhead™ is designed for anyone experiencing occasional difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep. From the average joe (or jane), to the frequent flyer who is looking for an answer to jet lag, to the night shift worker whose sleep cycle is off.


Is sleepyhead™ safe for everyone?

As with all nutritional supplements, you should speak with your physician to understand how sleepyhead™ may affect you specifically.


Does sleepyhead™ contain milk?

Yes. sleepyhead™ contains powdered milk.


Is sleepyhead™ gluten free?

Yes. sleepyhead™ is gluten free.


How should I take sleepyhead™?

We recommend mixing the entire contents of the pouch into warm water or milk and drinking 15-20 minutes before you would like to go to sleep.


Can I consume alcohol before (or after) taking sleepyhead™?

sleepyhead™should not be consumed with alcohol, as it may intensify the effects of alcohol.


Can I drink sleepyhead™ while pregnant?

sleepyhead™ is not recommended for women pregnant or nursing unless recommended by your doctor.


Can I drive or operate heavy machinery after taking sleepyhead™?

No. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming sleepyhead™.

Will sleepyhead™ react with any medications I’m taking?

As with all nutritional supplements, you should speak with your physician before taking sleepyhead™ with other prescription medications or over-the-counter products.


Is sleepyhead™ safe for children?

sleepyhead™ is recommended for people 18 years and older unless recommended by your doctor.


Is sleepyhead™ addictive?

sleepyhead™ does not contain any known habit-forming ingredients.


Will sleepyhead™ have the same sleep effect on everyone?

No. People naturally react differently to different supplements depending on age, weight, ease of falling asleep and other factors. If the effects of sleepyhead™ are stronger than you would like, it is recommended that you try consuming only half of the serving.


Can I consume more than one sleepyhead™ pouch per night?

We do not recommend consuming more than one sleepyhead™ pouch per night unless recommended by your doctor.


How long can I take sleepyhead™ for?

The ingredients in sleepyhead™ are taken by many on a nightly basis. However, we recommend not consuming sleepyhead™ more than 2 weeks in a row without a 4-5 day period of non-use.


Where is sleepyhead™ made?

sleepyhead™ is 100% made in the USA.



Our formula contains:

Melatonin - 3mg

GABA - 125mg

Valerian Root Extract - 200mg

Facts about sleep

Why do people snore?

As you fall asleep, tissues in your throat relaxes enough to vibrate.  Generally speaking, anything that increases the speed of the airflow in your throat increases your chances of snoring.  Allergies, swollen tonsils, being overweight, nasal problems, and alcohol consumption can narrow the air passage.  Or it can just be genetic.  Some people are born with narrow air passages and/or softer tissue that may increase their chances of "sawing wood". 

How do you treat snoring?

There are dozens of snoring treatments out there.  it depends on how much you want to spend.  For those who are looking for a quick fix, try these simple techniques: sleep on your side, elevate the head of your bed, decrease your alcohol intake, or clear your nasal passages.  Alternatively, you could shine a flashlight in the snorer’s face, yell “TRUCK!” then immediately whack them with a pillow...  that could do the trick. 

Ever have a dream you were flying and wondered what it meant?

First, congratulations!  Dreams of flight are theorized to mean that you are on top of the issues in your world.  You're able to look over everything and see the big picture.  It can also mean you've gained a new perspective on something going on in your life.  Overall, the ability to control your own flight is thought to be representative of your personal sense of power.   Now if you're crashing... that's a different story.

What is exploding head syndrome? 

A violent name for a relatively undocumented sleep disorder in which a person suddenly hears a loud noise just before falling asleep.  The sound is similar to that of a bomb exploding or gun going off inside someone's head.  Exploding head syndrome is closely connected to extremely high levels of stress and fatigue. 

What is hypersomnia?

Often triggered by other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, or sleep apena, hypersomnia is characterized by a series of excessive sleeping spells during the daytime.  This causes people to fall asleep at inappropriate times such as work, during a meal, mid conversation, or when spending time with the in-laws. 

What causes parts of your body to fall asleep?

We all know that numb, tingly feeling.  It’s caused when prolonged pressure to one of your body parts interferes with the nerve pathway’s ability to communicate with the brain.  This lack of communication gives you the numb feeling.  When you remove the pressure, your nerves take time to readjust before the impulses start working properly again.  This period of adjustment results in the “pins and needles” sensation.   

What happens during R.E.M. sleep?

Short for rapid eye movement, the term is coined from quick eye movements during sleep.  REM. sleep is the 5th of the 5 stages of sleep.  It is suspected that this is the stage where people dream due to brain activity intensifying and control of voluntary muscles diminishing.  

What is the Da Vinci sleep cycle?

Technically called polyphasic sleep, Da Vinci sleep greatly reduces the number of hours an individual spends sleeping in a day.  Rather than sleeping continuously for 6-8 hours every night, polyphasic sleepers take a series of six 20-25 min. naps throughout the day allowing an individual to remain awake for 22 hours a day.  

Are hammocks good for your back?

No - The human spine is naturally curved like an "S".  when you fall asleep your back muscles relax, taking on the shape of the hammock.  This reverses the gentle curve in the lower spine.  Many people experience several hours of lower back pain as the spine slowly returns to its natural curvature.   

Why are yawns contagious?

Scientists still don't know for sure (sorry).  what they do know is that the decision to yawn is largely an unconscious one.  One theory suggests it was one of the first forms of communication between early man.  A yawn could clearly communicate to a group that it was time to seek the security of shelter.  Thus, yawning triggers a subconscious mirror effect, where we instinctively do what other people around us do.

What animal requires the most sleep?

The brown bat requires 19.9 hours of sleep a day.  That means 83% of it's life is spent snoozing. 

What animals requires the least amount of sleep?

Long in the neck, short in sleep, the giraffe requires a mere 10 min to 2 hours of sleep a day.  

What is the effect of a new born baby on the parents sleep?

A newborn typically results in 400-750 hours of lost sleep to the parents in the first year.

How do dolphins sleep without drowning?

Dolphins sleep with one half of the brain awake to maintain some level of consciousness at all times.  During this time, they typically swim very slowly and close to the surface.  Similar to humans, dolphins require about 8 hours of sleep a day.

How many times do you dream a night?

The average person has 3-5 dreams EVERY NIGHT.

Are the effects of sleeplessness similar to those of drinking alcohol?

Yes - studies show twenty hours without sleep leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohol-level of 0.05%.

What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out?

One theory suggests that teeth falling out may stem from anxieties about your appearance.  After all, teeth are a key component of flirting.  They are commonly associated with kissing and necking.